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Please Read Carefully and Understand before proceeding to fill form.


For one to be the Face of Idoma Nigeria, she has to have upright morals, since she is a role model and an ambassador of IDOMA LAND and Benue State once crowned.

The other qualifications are the reflection of your beauty in the inner person, thus character, attitude, conduct, self-respect, discipline and all levels of communication and interaction.

TheFace of Idoma Nigeria must also be beautiful with the following features:

  1. She should have a good dental formula.
  2. She should have flawless skin.

III. She should be strong and healthy

  1. She should have a good educational background (i.e. must be able to read and write and must be fluent in English and your mother tongue)
  2. A contestant for the office of the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA must not be less than 18years of age at the time of entering into the contest.
  3. Anyone who fails to meet the above standards, but is given the concession by the screening committee can go ahead and contest.


Upon obtaining this application form, the contestant is expected to be strictly under the supervision of AGILA CARNIVAL.

Contestant must not be in any bond with any other Entertainment company either in the form of promotion or representation.

The Crowned Queen will solely be managed by AGILA CARNIVAL.

Upon being crowned the Queen will be guided by the official bond and rules of operation for the office of the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA and as spelt out in the Organizational policy of AGILA CARNIVAL.

As a crowned Queen or runner up you cease to be a model of any agency.

Any violation of the rules, standards and ethics as contained in the document guiding the operation of AGILA CARNIVAL, Shall attract sanctions or complete disqualification at any point in the course of the contest.


FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA 2016 is a beauty contest packaged by AGILA CARNIVAL in collaboration with Benue State Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism.



  1. The pageant is open to all Nigerian ladies.
  2. Contestant in the pageant must be between the ages of 18 and not more than 28 years of age
  3. The pageant is strictly for single ladies.
  4. The pageant will take place in Otukpo, on the 25th of December
  5. As soon as you submit the registration form to contest for the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA, your assessment starts at that moment onwards, if the organization finds you wanting on your character, scandalous behavior, rude, nasty or promiscuous, you will be disqualified immediately without any refund of registration fee.
  6. Contestants will undergo a screening process and only those who pass the screening/eviction exercise will appear at the finals.
  7. Contestants will undergo a 2week long rehearsals, in the last week preceding the contest.
  8. Contestants will meet with the organizers ———————-2016 to commence events for the pageant and the event brochure and programs to be released to contestants.
  9. The pageant finals will have return 10 successful contestants, the second elimination will return five successful contestants and the stage will produce the queen and runners up.
  10. Completed forms must be submitted to AGILA CARNIVAL on or before ——————2016
  11. The contestants will be engaged in 3 appearances of (a) Traditional wear (b) Afro-beach/Creative wear (c) Evening/dinner dress.
  12. The decision of the judges in the contest will final.
  13. Upon purchase of entry form, the contestants are strictly under the management of AGILA CARNIVAL and that ceases immediately after the contest.
  14. AGILA CARNIVAL is the sole organizers of the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA Beauty pageant; she therefore manages the winner (Queen) within the one year of her reign.
  15. Upon emergence as the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA, You shall be guided by the official BOND AND RULES AND REGULATIONS OF OPERATIONS of the office of the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA.

Please Read Carefully and Understand before proceeding to fill form.

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